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News & Events >> StructuredWeb Offers Small and Medium Resellers Innovative, Industry-specific Google Search Marketing Solutions

StructuredWeb Offers Small and Medium Resellers Innovative, Industry-specific Google Search Marketing Solutions

Search marketing is fast becoming a critical source of new business opportunities for small and medium businesses. StructuredWeb uses an innovative syndicated platform to deliver pre-designed SEM campaigns for resellers in the voice/data networking, office equipment and office furniture industries.

Secaucus, NJ -January 3, 2011  The StructuredWeb Online Advertising solution is based on a strong foundation of industry knowledge, domain expertise and closed-loop tracking to deliver highly qualified leads for small and medium resellers. 

The process starts by leveraging the company's decade long experience serving resellers in voice/data networking, office equipment and office furniture industries. Collaboration with customers and deep industry-knowledge helps StructuredWeb identify a selection of tightly defined keywords designed for both maximum reach and effectiveness.
After the search terms/keywords are established, the team develops a thoughtful array of tightly aligned search ads and customized “landing pages”, which are specialized web pages designed to capture key information related to a lead. An optional lead qualification service can also be used to further qualify incoming leads, to ensure that only the most qualified leads reach the reseller’s sales team. The solution also includes reseller-specific inbound phone numbers to capture prospects who prefer to call instead of click on the search ad.
Bringing it all together, the StructuredWeb solution includes automated email alerts when new leads come in, as well as access to a marketing dashboard where leads can be managed and detailed reports produced to ensure closed loop tracking of the opportunity funnel. 
“In our Online Advertising solution we have created the first, industry-specific, pre-defined Google Adwords campaigns, so any-sized reseller, has virtually, an online advertising agency at their fingertips.  Set your ad budget and coverage territory and just go,” said Adam Krapish, VP of Product Development at StructuredWeb, Inc.  “We combine carefully selected keywords and well designed ads that together bring relevant clicks to our customers.  We then help convert those clicks to leads with accompanying landing pages, designed to capture prospects's relevant information and feed it to our customer’s salespeople.  Finally, we offer optional tele-qualification of leads so that our resellers can focus on only the best opportunities.”

Participating resellers like American Duplicating of Pennsauken, NJ experience the benefits of using low maintenance online advertising solution. “Online advertising was new for me, and I was not exactly sure what I was getting into, but I love the ‘no-hands’ approach to StructuredWeb’s search engine marketing with Google and results speak for themselves.  StructuredWeb's Google AdWords program is delivering to me much more accurate leads.  The quality of the leads appears to be much better than what I’d get through a universal price quote website,” said Hugh S. Borow, American Duplicating.  "StructuredWeb built a landing page for me, and with Google AdWords, when prospects type in any number of relevant terms, my name pops up, they click on it, and they go right to the landing page.  They can either fill out a form to immediately get information, or call a number and get a live person.  It's pretty simple—and it works." 
StructuredWeb’s industry-specific Online Advertising solution places reseller’s ads in the right category, in the right territory, with precise messaging to reach the right people.

About StructuredWeb

StructuredWeb is the leading provider of pre-configured, ready-to-execute marketing solutions in targeted vertical industries. The company provides small and medium businesses the tools to cost-effectively build qualified sales funnel using powerful, industry-relevant marketing execution tools on an all-inclusive software-as-a-service platform.

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