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StructuredWeb provides a single platform that connects all data, processes, assets, and teams, replacing current disjointed marketing systems, databases, file repositories, and CRM systems. Powerful yet painless, StructuredWeb’s approach is bolstered by the technological flexibility to allow for the coalescence of existing systems and creative agencies in one portal, permitting vendors to push all efforts to partner accounts simultaneously.

StructuredWeb’s platform allows vendors to hasten campaign and program development, partner on-boarding, and opportunity management to more quickly move toward profitability. Connecting all vendors, distributors, and partners in one place, StructuredWeb guarantees the fluid distribution of information across all channels, meaning campaigns are customizable depending on distributor and partner needs and measurable at execution.

StructuredWeb was built with both integrated marketing and 360 degree-planning in mind, combining everything you need to drive demand, evaluate performance, and integrate change in real-time. Over a decade in the making, the StructuredWeb system harnesses existing technology while adjusting for developing marketing platforms, consistently ahead of the curve to ensure the highest level of success.

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