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The overall relationship between company and customer is getting worse, according to the 2004 annual survey and Customer Experience Management (CEM) report from Strativity Group, in cooperation with CustomerSat, Inc. It's vital to your business to offer top-notch customer service, because satisfied customers are more likely to become loyal customers. With StructuredWeb, you can provide 24x7 online support to your customers, while making it easier and faster to obtain the help they require. An interactive, online customer service program makes it easier for customers to find and get information they want at the time it's needed most. Since the web is available 24x7, so is your service!

What you get?

  • 24x7 support

  • Collect and present customer data to internal support team, giving them the information they need

  • Respond to service inquiries faster, and enable online status checking

  • Solve problems on the first customer interaction, reduce call-back rates

  • Make all service information available to everyone in the organization - so your sales team is kept apprised of customer issues
Customer Quote

"With the constant help and supervision of StructuredWeb we are just beginning to use all the service-oriented features. I am extremely excited about how we can more proactively service our clients through the most current web-based technology!"

--Tobin Wolverton, President, Contract Interiors of Greenville

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