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The Internet plays a vital role in the purchase decision process, regardless of whether the purchase transaction happens on a website, over the telephone or in a store or other physical location. So if your website doesn't have the latest information for the products you sell, you could be losing sales. 

With StructuredWeb, you can easily manage and publish product content from all the vendors you carry, eliminating time-consuming manual updates to your site. Through an automatic process that feeds directly to your site, you can publish in-depth product content, descriptions, images, brochures and interactive materials directly from your vendors, without the hassle of having to post it yourself!  

With StructuredWeb, you can create a virtual showroom and group products any way you want, such as by vendor, category, or type-to reflect customer needs and sales strategies. It's so much easier to promote your vendors, latest offerings and campaigns. Plus, since it's completely integrated with the rest of your sales and marketing activities, customers can request quotes directly from your site.

What you can do?

  • Maintain a consistent image with the vendors you market
  • Change product content as often as you want
  • Create your own custom catalogs by category, type, or even product overstocks
  • Instant updates, avoid the headache of having to update your site every time new vendor content is released
  • Keep prospects and customers focused at your site, rather than linking to vendor sites and never coming back
  • The latest high quality images, detailed specs, features and benefits
  • Complete system integration
  • Build and manage catalogs any way you want
  • Easily add products and set pricing
  • Customized quote form

Customer Quote

"StructuredWeb is a great marketing tool. Efficient web updating keeps our information current and e-marketing keeps us in front of customers. The customer service has been outstanding!"

--Paula McCarty, Marketing Associate, Kentwood Office

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