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Unlimited training and education to guide your success

When you work with StructuredWeb, you're working with a business partner who wants to ensure your success. We won't just give you the tools and walk away. StructuredWeb offers unlimited training and ongoing support to ensure that you get up and running quickly, and utilize the StructuredWeb service to its full potential.

Training is designed to support the different roles and needs of your organization. Our unlimited training courses are organized by different topics of interest, and also by job function. For example, we have specific training available for the following types of roles within your company:

  • Administrator/Power User

  • Site Content Manager

  • Sales Manager

  • Sales Representative

  • Marketing Manager

  • Customer Service Manager

  • Customer Service Representative
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"StructuredWeb provides very good training and they are simply great to work with." 

-- Sean O'Connell, Witt Company

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