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Training Overview
SW University
On-site training

Training & Education

SW University

Unlimited training and education to Guide your success

Every user at your company has access to StructuredWeb University, a continuous series of online seminars. A live corporate trainer conducts 3 training classes every day, so there's always a course to meet your hectic schedule.  In addition, a toll free support number provides live technical and customer support.

With StructuredWeb University, you'll have access to:

  • Documents and articles on best business practices

  • Videos on how to better utilize your StructuredWeb

  • Educational seminars on a variety of topics

Our experts will ensure that you fully understand all the features and benefits of your solution, so that you can optimize its use and ensure the best ROI possible.

What you can expect to learn @ SWU

  • Receive training and education on how to use StructuredWeb

  • Learn how to grow your business

  • Become an expert in online sales and marketing

  • Learn how to structure your workflow to be most efficient.
Customer Quote

"StructuredWeb provides very good training and they are simply great to work with."

-- Sean O'Connell, Witt Company

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